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Highest quality personal representation for a select clientele.
Our attorneys help you move smoothly through a variety of issues. Their experience  
from years of focused and knowledgeable representation has proven to be extremely  
beneficial to their clients who return to them for their various legal needs.

We focus our practice primarily to three different but interrelated areas of practice:
                    * Real Estate and Real Estate Development
                    * Business and Corporate Law
                    * Estate Planning and Probate

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York,  
and offer the highest quality personal representation at a reasonable cost.
We keep our clients informed of
legal changes that may affect them.
We are available to address their questions and concerns.
Leaving an IRA directly to heirs is fraught with pitfalls: the heirs may exhaust the funds quickly to the detriment of any long-term tax deferral benefits, the money may be vulnerable to divorce settlements or creditors, and any withdrawn money will lose the inherent protections of the IRA. read more
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