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A Trust is a legal device which can provide tremendous flexibility, multiple options and may provide substantial estate tax benefits. Trusts are used in real estate transactions, for lifetime giving and most commonly for optimal estate planning benefits.
With Massachusetts recent adoption of the Uniform Probate Code, this process is drastically and rapidly changing. To ensure the protection of your family and assets, it is crucial to find an attorney who is well versed in this area of the law.
There are a wide range of trusts available including the following:
                    * Revocable trusts
                    * Irrevocable trusts
                    * Realty trusts
                    * Joint revocable trusts (for married couples)
                    * Trust amendments
                    * Irrevocable life insurance trust
                    * Irrevocable Medicaid trust
                    * Marital deduction trusts
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