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The Attorneys of Fryer & O'Brien advise individuals on all of their options with regard to future planning.  The goal of Fryer & O'Brien here is to make this experience as pleasant as possible, and to ensure that their client's loved ones are cared for long after they are gone. The attorneys consistently monitor the laws in this area to assure maximum benefits with minimal tax consequences.
With the Massachusetts adoption of the Uniform Probate Code, this area of the law is undergoing many changes. It is of the utmost importance that the attorney you choose is aware of these new laws and regulations.  The attorneys of Fryer & O'Brien are well versed in this area, and are ready to address your individual needs.
Our ongoing consultations in regard to future planning, including wills and trusts, is an interactive conversation between client and attorney. In the final analysis the client will understand the process and appreciate the intricacies of their individual estate plan.
Services we provide:

                    * Gift and Estate Tax Return Preparation
                    * Simple Wills
                    * Pourover Wills
                    * Reciprocal Wills
                    * Living Wills
                    * Codicils
                    * Crummey Notices